Boat & Jetski licencing

Our Licence Centre is fully accredited and conducts day courses 7 Days a week. This course includes Online theory training, face – face written exam and practical testing using our specially equipped Boat and Jetski conducted by our friendly course providers. The courses start at 6:30am sharp and continue throughout the day until mid-afternoon.

KNP Boat and Jetski Licence Centre Gold Coast


Please call (07) 5528 1112 or 0412 576 015 for bookings.

How do I get my licence?

Step 1
Complete our comprehensive online theory training in preparation for the Boatsafe written and practical exam. This MUST be completed within 3 months of your booking date.

Step 2
Put all that hard work and study into use and complete your Multiple-Choice written exam in our training room onsite at KNP Marine and have fun doing your practical assessment on our Boat and Jetski.

Step 3
Now that you have mastered the skills required to have fun on a Boat and Jetski, collect your Certificate of Competency and take it to the QLD Transport Department to have you Boat & Jetski Licence validated.

Step 4
Let everyone know what an awesome time you had and leave us a review on Facebook or Google!

We encourage you to practice driving a boat with another licenced skipper before arriving at a BoatSafe course – you may not be competent in driving the boat in just one day. The BoatSafe trainers in most cases will offer training sessions if you don’t have friends or family with boats that you can practice on. These training sessions should be used in the same way that new car driver would engage with a car driving instructor.

For a typical course it will include:

Online Training Course Pricing

  • Boat Only $250.00
  • Jetski Only (Must hold Valid Boat licence) $250.00
  • Boat & Jetski Combined SAVE $170 $330.00

What’s involved in a practical assessment?

Visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website

Boatsafe Learners Handbook

Contact us to purchase the BoatSafe Workbook